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CMPP Members


dani attas
Daniel Attas
Philosophy and PEP

Moral and Political Philosophy; Distributive Justice; Property; Equality; Wellbeing.
david enoch David Enoch
Philosophy and Law

Moral and Political Philosophy; Philosophy of Law.
Tel. +972 2 5883775      Email:
Room: Hum 6518          Office Hours: Wednesday 11:00-12:00
Tel. +972 2 5882583      Email:
Room: Law 212             Office Hours: Tuesday 11:00-12:00

Advisory Committee

herman Barbara Herman
Philosophy and Law
heyd David Heyd
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Ethics, Political Philosophy and Bioethics


Jeff McMahan
Oxford University

Affiliated Faculty

shiri cohen
Shiri Cohen
Political Science and PEP

History of Economic Thought, Utilitarianism, Wellbeing.
avner deshalit
Avner de-Shalit
Political Science

Environmental ethics; contemporary political theory; poverty and disadvantage; urban political theory.
Tel. +972 2 5883275      Email:
Room: Soc 4321           Office Hours:  Sunday 12:30-13:30
Tel. +972 2 5883258      Email:
Room: Soc 4301           Office Hours:  Monday 14:00-15:00

ruth gavison
Ruth Gavison
tal gilead Tal Gilead

Moral education, Philosophy of education, Educational Policy, Wellbeing.

Tel. +972 2 5882094      Email:
Room: Edu 556             Office Hours:

halbertal Moshe Halbertal
Philosophy and Jewish Thought

Jewish Thought; Philosophy of Halakhah; Political Theory.
alon harel
Alon Harel

Legal theory, Political philosophy, constitutional theory, criminal law theory, human rights and law and economics

Tel. +972 2 5883601      Email:
Room: Hum 5210          Office Hours:  Sunday 13:00-14:00
Tel. +972 2 5882582      Email:
Room: Law                    Office Hours:

Ori Herstein
Ori Herstein

Ethics, Jurisprudence and Torts.
sharon krishek Sharon Krishek

Religious Existentialism, Religious Ethics, Philosophy of Love.
Tel. +972 2 5882552      Email:
Room: Law                    Office Hours: Wednesday 11:00-12:00
Tel. +972 2 5882146      Email:
Room: Hum 6709          Office Hours: Wednesday 11:00-12:00

arnon levy Arnon Levy
Philosophy and HPSOS
personal webpage

Evolution of norms; Values in Science; Explanation in science and ethics.

malcai Ofer Malcai

Tel.                               Email:
Room:  Hum 5512       Office Hours: Tuesday 10:00-11:00
Tel.  +972 2 5880349     Email:
Room: Law                    Office Hours: 

ittay nissan Ittay Nissan-Rozen
Philosophy and PEP

Formal Ethics; Distributive Justice; Metaethics; Moral Epistemology; Moral Decision Theory.
ram rivlin Ram Rivlin

Law & Philosophy; Coercion & Consent; Neuroethics.
Room: Hum 5517      Office Hours:  Wednesday 10:00-11:00
Tel. +972 2 5883193      Email:
Room:  Law 202            Office Hours: Sunday 11:00-12:00

shlomi segall Shlomi Segall
Political Science and PEP

Moral and Political Philosophy; Equality.
daniel schwartz Daniel Schwartz
Political Science and International Relations

Medieval and Early Modern Political Philosophy; History of Ethics (Aquinas, Francisco Suarez and Late Scholasticism); Contemporary Just War Theory
Tel. +972 2 5883162
Room: Soc 4318           Office Hours:  Monday 10:00-11:00
Tel. +972 2 5883153      Email:
Room: Soc 5308           Office Hours:  Wednesday 13:00-14:00

reem segev Re'em Segev

Moral Philosophy; Philosophy of Law.
thaler Naly Thaler

Ancient philosophy, with special interest in ethics and moral psychology, (Plato, Aristotle, and the Hellenistic schools).
Tel. +972 2 5882575      Email:
Room: Law 226             Office Hours:
Tel. +972 2 5883751      Email:
Room: Hum 5506          Office Hours: Wednesday 12:15-13:15

Preston Werner Preston Werner

Metaethics, Ethics, Philosophy of Perception, and Epistemology.
zamir Tzachi Zamir
English and Comparative Literature
personal webpage

Relationship between Ethics & Aesthetics (Literature,Theatre); Animal Ethics.
Tel.                                    Email:
Room:  5504                    Office Hours:
Tel. +972 2 5880801   Email:
Room: Hum 7825       Office Hours: on sabbatical

Visiting Fellows

Dan Baras
2017 Postdoctoral Fellow

Sinnott-Armstrong Walter Sinnott-Armstrong
2017 Distinguished Visiting Professor

Duke University



isserow Jessica Isserow
2017 PhD Summer Workshop Fellow

Australian National University

merritt Christiane Merritt
2017 PhD Summer Workshop Fellow

Washington University in St. Louis


Saillant Said Saillant
2017 PhD Summer Workshop Fellow

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Matthew Scarfone
2017 PhD Summer Workshop Fellow

McGill University


 Daniel Telech
2017 PhD Summer Workshop Fellow

University of Chicago


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